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Why Marriage Is Like A Champagne Tower - A Champagne Unity Ceremony

champagne tower made of glasses filled with champagne

We had grand plans for Chynna & Matt’s ceremony to build a champagne tower during it, but as it was outdoors the weather had other ideas! I still included the words I had written around this during the ceremony, and they resonated with the guests as they had been practising their teamwork and co-ordination skills by building the tower themselves inside, before the ceremony ready for the pour to take place.

Why Marriage Is Like A Champagne Tower - by Vikki Harris

What’s a champagne tower got to do with marriage I hear you think… Well allow me to enlighten you. Like a marriage, a champagne tower needs a very solid base, to support and provide balance to everything else.

First we’ll need glasses - made using the elements of earth (sand), fire, air and water. Greek philosophers believed the universe comprised these four elements: so these glasses represent you being each other’s all.

As you build the tower, you need teamwork, trust and communication - also essential elements of a strong marriage.

Don't be afraid to get things wrong, you can always start again if you stand back and look at it and realise it's not quite right. Just apologise and communicate, explain and listen, and be prepared for someone else to have a different opinion.

Next we’re going to need to some champagne. Chilled of course to help keep your cool.

Champagne has so many connotations. It’s special (just like you are to each other) and very much like today is, and this very moment is…

It’s rare. Not just anything can be champagne. Only champagne can be champagne. Just like only you have your special relationship.

Champagne is a symbol of joy and celebration.

The simple act of opening the bottle and hearing the soft pop never fails to bring a smile to people's faces. Just like hearing the door open and a loved one return after a long day.

With the popping of the cork comes the excitement. It’s full of bubbles. It’s effervescent, silliness and fun.

And now comes the big test, the team work, the critique and also the peril, as you pour...

On the count of 3.

May your your happiness always be overflowing, your champagne glass always be full, and your marriage a tower of strength.

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