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Tips For A Christmas Wedding

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….. to get married!

There’s something so magical about a December wedding, from all the twinkly lights, foliage and candles to festive drinks and snow. These are my top tips for making the most of it.

1 - Let there be light

Make the most of the shorter days by turning the Hygge dial right up. Twinkly fairy lights, roaring fires and candles galore. Make sure you get all your guests together for a great sparkler shot outside too.

2 - Festive drinks

There are so many options for a festive drinks reception, from mulled wine or cider to festive cocktails. In Lancashire we are blessed with so many fantastic gins too. Check out THIS GUIDE for some Lancashire inspired festive cocktails.

3 - Make the most of the decorations

One of the benefits of limited daylight is the opportunity for things to be lit by candles, candles and more candles. Check with your venue what Christmas decorations they have planned for the rooms you will be using, as hopefully it will be being dressed in some way and you can just add to it. Have your table decorations made from festive foliage so that they can be taken home by your guests to adorn their own festive gatherings.

4 - Place names

You can have some real fun with seasonal place names. From the simple sprig of holly or candy cane to a place name that doubles as a favour such as a personalised gingerbread person, cracker or bauble.

5- Let it Snow

Snowy wedding pics just look ace (despite the actual nightmare snow itself can cause getting to and from venues etc but I digress…). You can never guarantee the weather, BUT you can guarantee a smile on your guests faces at a carefully positioned snow machine set to go off at just the right moment….

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